Hi, my name's Jeetendra Singh. I'm a creative director and have 14+ years of experience in a wide array of Account related works.

Expertise in the fields of Accounting System & Operational Procedure. His specialization also lies in preparation of MIS of a wide range of companies.

Vision of Founder

The main reason of starting up Profit Fusion India was to provide high class services at affordable prices to our valuable clients.
It was not much time ago that our honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi introduced the new tax system GST.
Many people are still scared the moment they hear the word GST, here comes the role of Profit Fusion India that is to remove the fear from their minds by showing them the benefits of GST.
GST is not only a revolutionary Tax system, but a very significant one too. The best people that can take advantage of this Tax system are the small and medium size businesses. Now again, the same problem arises where these people are not at all aware about the pros of GST. Profit Fusion India not only creates awareness about GST to the public but also lists out the important and beneficial factors that would help them to grow their business like never before.
There are many students around India who have acquired education from top notch Institutes, but are still sitting at home unemployed because nowadays every company is asking for experienced candidates. To solve this problem to some extent, Profit Fusion India has taken an initiative of giving part time job opportunities to the worthy people in its firm, where they would not conceptualize the book words, but would gain practical knowledge by directly working on LIVE projects, providing them exposure and experience of the Accounting Industry, which would in turn enable them to showcase their talent in future and be employed in the biggest firms across the country.
Uptil now there have been many businesses who do not maintain their accounts due to which they are not really sure what exactly is going on in their business.
Profit Fusion India has been established to help such people and businesses in understanding the importance of Accounts and how they can achieve great success by implementing Accounts in their day to day life.
Let us together be a stepping stone in fulfilling our PM’s dream of making India a digital marketplace.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high class financial, tax and consulting services at affordable prices to our clients and to become a leading Accounting firm in the coming time


Offering Service that are completely quality based and time driven to perfection, taking into account every single detail necessary.

Vision Statement

Our primary goal as an organization is to deliver high-quality financial services to our clients. We will offer every client of ours personal attention and would fulfill every demand of theirs.


Respecting one another’s views and opinions when working in an organization is the key to success to our business.


Employing staff having skill set in diverse fields and mapping them to the required role. Employees bring in a lot of energy from their hard work and patience.


One of the best quality on which our whole firm feels proud on is Leadership where each and every person associated with us has great expertise in.


Being honest to ourselves as well as our clients and keeping transparency in our work. Feeling pride in the things we do and the way we do them.


The people associated with us definitely possess the following values:

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